Principal's Corner

Dear Parents / Guardians and students,

It is with great pride that we look forward to the start of a new school year. Our goals are set very high for our students, both academically and in the area of behavioral responsibility. We are passionate in wanting our students to finish their elementary career and be academically prepared for any middle school program they wish to pursue, and with the self respect and behavioral standards that will lead them to success as they pursue their future educational, professional and personal goals. We will continue to emphasize student responsibility and accountability, and will not tolerate disruptive students, bullying, and dress code infractions. The focus and hard work of our teachers and students and the support of our parents is greatly commended as we strive for success.

Please read the handbook so that you may become familiar with the responsibilities expected of the students at our school and our school policies. We have a number of goals at Gilbert Elementary School. Two at the top of the list include wanting every student to develop to his or her maximum potential and to be well prepared to enter middle school at the conclusion of the 5th grade year. In addition to academic skills, the student’s total development is important to us. We believe it is extremely important that our students learn responsible behavior, self-control and a positive outlook on life’s challenges. Learning information is no longer sufficient; students today must also learn thinking and decision making skills. To reach these goals, it is very important that the school and the parents work together.

I sincerely believe that if the students, parents, faculty and staff all work together this will be a very successful year for our students. I am confident that this goal will indeed be achieved.



Yours in Education,

 Herlinda Longoria



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